IFRS 15 Compliance for Revenue Recognition from Customer Contracts: Is Your Contract Lifecycle Management System Ready?

Published by Devinderjeet Singh, 0 Comments, Jan 10, 2017

Globalization continues to flatten the world. This time, in the area of financial reporting.

In order to promote transparency, safeguard shareholders’ interests, and enable a meaningful comparative analysis of business performance, organizations are required to report their financial data in a particular manner – as defined by the applicable accounting and financial reporting standards.

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[Webinar Recap] Outsourcing Governance: What’s Buzzing and What’s Missing

Published by Devinderjeet Singh, 0 Comments, Dec 8, 2016

SirionLabs conducted this webinar on 6th December 2016. The title of the webinar is ‘Outsourcing Governance: What’s Buzzing and What’s Missing’ and it features John Dreyer, President and CEO, The Shelby Group and Claude Marais, Co-founder & President, SirionLabs. So what’s this webinar about? Here is a quick summary.

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Measuring performance of services

Published by Indus Khaitan, 0 Comments, Nov 26, 2016

Measuring performance of procured goods is easy, it is tactical, it is transactional. Goods are exchangeable and returnable. For example, if you are a big box pharmaceutical company and decided to upgrade to ergonomic chairs for employees, you put out an RFP, select a vendor and procure hundreds of chairs. Down the road, a few chairs were reported to be sub-quality—a vendor manager in the procurement team calls the vendor and requests a refund or an exchange based on the agreed contract. Easy. 

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SirionLabs @ Nasscom Product Conclave 2016 - the ‘League of 10’ award, an elevator pitch to a best-selling motivational guru and everything in between

Published by Devinderjeet Singh, 0 Comments, Nov 11, 2016

It was the end of an eventful day at the Nasscom Product Conclave (NPC) in Bangalore, and time for me to retire back to my hotel room. So we (I was with my colleague Prakash Nagaraju, VP of Global Implementation at SirionLabs) walked to the ground floor elevator lobby at the magnificent Taj Vivanta hotel. As we stood there chatting and waiting for the elevator to reach us, we saw Mr. Shiv Khera, the world renowned motivational speaker, author, business consultant (and many other successful avatars). He was headed in our direction - of course for the same reason we were there, the elevator. As he stood next to us, we greeted him and………actually, before we go any further, let me step back and give you a quick walk through of what the NPC event is all about and what was SirionLabs doing there. 

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The Subscription Economy is Upon Us. Is Your Procurement Department Ready to Bimodal it?

Published by Indus Khaitan, 0 Comments, Oct 13, 2016

Digital business and the subscription economy are pushing IT to its limits, and traditional development practices no longer apply. Trends such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, globalization, combined with tech-savvy millennials joining the workforce, are ushering rapid transformation in the enterprise.

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Topics: Contract Management, Bimodal IT

[Webinar Recap] Plugging Value Leakage in IT Outsourcing Engagements: The Challenges and Opportunities for the CIO

Published by Devinderjeet Singh, 0 Comments, Oct 10, 2016

On October 5th, 2016, SirionLabs conducted a webinar featuring Andrew Bartels, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester alongside Ajay Agrawal, CEO, SirionLabs. As apparent from the title of the webinar ‘Plugging Value Leakage in IT Outsourcing Engagements: The Challenges and Opportunities for the CIO’, the panelists discussed the key reasons for value leakage in IT outsourcing and how this could be addressed through specialized tools purpose-built for governing such engagements.

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Why I’m joining SirionLabs

Published by Indus Khaitan, 5 Comments, Aug 23, 2016

The last eight years of my career have been incredible. In 2008, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey and notwithstanding an exhausting lock, stock and barrel move to India and back to the Silicon Valley, it has been an amazing ride. Between then and now, I’ve started a couple of companies and a seed fund, spent two fantastic years at Oracle, and played multiple roles - software developer, product manager, and product marketer. Make no mistake, far from suffering burnout I’m still raring to swing for the fences!

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Brexit has happened. How do contract and commercial managers prepare for what’s next?

Published by Elesh Khakhar, 0 Comments, Aug 19, 2016
56 days have passed since the unthinkable Brexit, the United Kingdom’s pull out from the European Union, took the world by surprise (us at SirionLabs, at least).

As leaders figure out how to negotiate the uncharted waters they have sailed into, contract and commercial managers must navigate the unfolding business environment.

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Topics: Contract Management

Minding the Gap in Outsourcing

Published by Tami Edwards, 0 Comments, Dec 3, 2015

Outsourcing as a concept is not new - it has existed for decades now. Over time, the landscape of outsourcing has changed, and the purpose of choosing this model as a business strategy has changed too. It is no longer about cost advantage alone but myriad of other value realizations that motivate organizations to outsource. The potential benefits of outsourcing may have compounded with time but they do come with their own challenges.

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Safe Harbor Invalidation: Are you ready for the challenges ahead?

Published by Hartmut Jaeger, 0 Comments, Nov 25, 2015

In a recent landmark ruling, Europe’s top court – the European Court of Justice or ECJ as it is commonly known as, ruled the Safe Harbor agreement to be invalid. This means the privacy guidelines that organizations operating out of the United States used until recently to transfer personal data of EU citizens, is no longer valid. This could have a lot of implications for the outsourcing industry, whether suppliers are based in EU or outside of it.

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